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Sum of Something Meaningful

A collection of poems by Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte

Remarkably genuine, The Sum of Something Meaningful is as much a delightful literary experience as it is a therapeutic tool for understanding the complexity of human feeling.

Awarded Editor's Choice

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Life in Between

In this authentic collection of poetry, you will discover a range of subject matter that subtly shapes a complete picture. From love and heartache to family nostalgia, from mysticism to the spiritual and omnipotent. This is a literary experience that will break your heart, shock, and then heal you once again with the addition of hope. 

Magical Heart

Children's Literature by Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte

Magical Heart, is a joyful and entertaining story about the gift of childhood imagination. It teaches that determination and the desire to learn are the keys to achieving our dreams come true, and mostly that love is truly magical at any age. The main character, with her imaginative heart, captures the reader’s interest delightfully.